Downtime for all services

As you probably noticed, connectivity to all services provided by was lost at around midnight CET on the 6th of April. The outage was not a systems failure of any kind but was purely my own fault. Here’s a break-down of the events that led to the outage:

  1. I had forgotten to enable auto-renewal on my credit card to renew the service when it expired
  2. When the time of expiry approached, I was stuck in bed due to illness and thus I didn’t see the emails from my hosting provider :(

So this doesn’t happen again in the future, I have enabled auto-renewal on my hosting service. I will also set up some form of external monitoring that can notify me through other means than email.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this outage and I promise to do my best that things like this won’t happen again. In time, I hope to move this service to dedicated hardware - I just need to figure out how to cover the running costs of a dedicated server.

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