You can connect to using your favourite Jabber client. There’s a long list of clients available over at

To create a account

Registration is handled in-band by your Jabber/XMPP client. This is the only way to create an account on

Simply add in your client and click “register” or check the box to “create this account on the server” to sign up.

Connection Information



Secure Communication

The connection between your client and is encrypted using TLS. The server requires TLS connections to other XMPP servers. This means that if you can’t connect to a friend, their provider is not configured to use TLS and the server will refuse the connection. Your friend should either convince their provider to enable TLS server-to-server connections, or switch to a provider that has proper encrypted transport support. Since you can’t (and shouldn’t) trust your xmpp server, I require you always enable secure end-to-end encryption in your chat client. Supported modes are:

This will give you end-to-end encrypted chat that cannot be decrypted while in transit and, depending on the settings of your client, will not be logged on your local machine.

Federation allows federated connections to all other S2S TLS-enabled Jabber servers so you can chat with anyone that has a Jabber account as long as their provider supports TLS and is configured correctly.